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Partially Hydrolyzing Polyacrylamide


PHPA is a high molecular weight polymer with a moderate anionic charge for drilling mud additive. It can be used in both industrial and oil field drilling application and it is usable in both fresh water and brines. It can be used in high temperature.


Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Solid Content% 90% Min
Hydrolysis Rate,Mol% 30% Max
Molecular Weight High 
Dissolving Time120 Minutes Max


1) Shale stabilization

2) Viscosifier

3) Friction reduction

4) Fluid loss control

5) Lubrication

Method of Addition:

To obtain homogeneous solution, efficient dispersion is necessary. The most convenient method of dispersing these products is with a polymer eductor or a commercially available dry powder feeder unit. Solution should be made up at 0.1 - 0.3% solid. Make-up water temperature should be between 10 and 48℃ for optimum product performance. Following dispersion into agitated water, stirring should continue for about an hour to ensure complete dissolution. Stirring maybe carried out by propeller type stirrer with a speed of 200 - 500rpm. It is recommended to have both a stock make-up tank and a solution holding tank for dosage into the system. The above recommended anionic solution concentration are stable for up.

To one week. Aluminum, zinc, copper, or iron should be avoided in make-up system.


25kg craft paper bags

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