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Sodium Formate

Molecular Formula: HCOONa

Molecular Weight: 68

Structural Formula: HCOONa

CAS NO: 141-53-7

Product Introduction:

This product is a white crystalline powder with water absorbing performance and slight formic acid odor, soluble in water glycerol, sightly soluble in ethano, not soluble in ether. Its melting point is 253οC.

Mainly applied to the manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, as well as to the manufacture of dimethyl formamide.

Main Technical Indexes:

Item Specification
Content% 97% Min 95% Min
NaOH%0.5% Max 1.0% Max  
Na2CO3%  0.5% Max  1.5% Max
NaCl% 0.8%Max  0.5% Max  
Na2S  0.2% Max  0.1% Max  
Water% 1.2% Max  1.2% Max 


Packed in PP woven bags of 25kgs net each with PE liner inside.

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