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Poly Aluminium Chloride


Poly Aluminium Chloride

Another name:

PAC Solid; Poly Aluminium Chloride Solid

Cas No.: 1327-41-9

Molecular Formula: [AL2(OH)LnCL6-n]m

Physical Properties:

Property Specification
AppearanceWhite Powder                        
(Al2O3)Content % 30Min
Electropositive Degree 8% 60-85
Water Insoluble Matter % 0.5Max
(Pb) % 0.0005Max
(As) % 0.0005Max
(Cd) % 0.0005Max
(Hg) % 0.00002Max
(Cr 6+) % 0.0010Max
PH Value (1% Content In Water)  3.0---5.0


PAC is a kind of inorganic macromolecule flocculant. Through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and the polyvalent anion polymeric function, it produces large molecular and high electricity inorganic macromolecule. It adopts a wide PH range of 5.0~9.0, and the best is between 6.5~7.6.

1. Purification of river water, lake water and underground water,industry water and industry recycling water.

2. Reclaiming coal from coal-washing waste water and kaolin in ceramic industry.

3. Purification of the waste water in printing and dyeing industry, leather industry, brewage industry, meat-processing industry, coal-washing, metallurgy industry, mine, pharmacy, paper-making, and purification of the waste water containing fluorine, oil and heavy metals.

4. Tannage and cloth cockling-prevent, Catalyzer carrier.

5. Cement Solidifying, and moulding, Refining of pharmaceuticals, glycerine and sugar,Paper-making glue.

Storage & Transportation:

Stored in dry, cool airiness place, far away from heat, avoid insolation, sign with no moisture and no insolation.


Plastic woven bag of 25kgs net each with PE liner inside.

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