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Calcium Chloride 77% Flakes


Calcium Chloride 77% Flakes


Calcium Chloride, technical grade utilized in oilfield drilling, completion and work-over applications.


CaCl2 additive decreases thickening time, increases early strength, and shortens time spent waiting on cement. It also decreases slurry viscosity at low concentrations and increases slurry viscosity at high concentrations. CaCl2 additive is effective at temperatures between 40° and 120°F (4° and 49°C) in concentrations of 2 to 4% by weight of cement (BWOC), or equivalent liquid concentrations of40 gal/100 sk (2%).


When cold mixing-water is used, CaCl2 additive shouldbe added directly to the mixing water rather than to thedry cement.


CaCl2 additive can provide the following benefits:

• In low concentrations, it decreases viscosity and thickening times.

• In high concentrations, it increases viscosity and early strength.

• CaCl2 additive is available in liquid, flake, and powder form.

Physical Properties:

Purity(as CaCl2,% Weight)Min. 77-80%
Moisture Content (as Packed)Max. 1.5 %
Water Insolubles (%Weight) Max. 0.04%
Particle Size for Flakes 1-10mm                           Min.95%
AppearanceWhite, Free Flowing granular, Flakes and Powder

*Results expressed as % by weight on dry basis.


Packed in sacks of 25 kgs bag and in jumbo bags of 1000kg net each with PE liner inside.

Legislation and Handling Recommendations:

Not restricted by any regulatory agency.

Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for the product prior to usage.


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